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Une visite à pied d'un genre particulier à Stuttgart

Ein Stadtrundgang der besonderen Art in Stuttgart - ein Stäffelesbummel

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If you visit Stuttgart, it is nice to have a "Stäffeles-Bummel" to get know the interesting places of Stuttgart. The so-called "Stäffeles" are really nothing but stairs. Stuttgart is located in a valley and therefore you can reach many streets only by those stairs. So this way, the walking tour is of a different kind.

Our stay was limited to a short day and the weather was not good, so we had to restrict ourselves and could not see everything, unfortunately. For those who bring plenty of time, I listed below all the places I selected in my preparation (and which I will visit next time I am there).

Northern part
- starting point: European Quarter (Europaviertel)
- pass the Chinese "garden of the beautiful melody" (Garten der schönen Melodie) up to the Himmelsberg ...
- continue to the Kriegsbergturm and via the "Pädagogen-Staffel" to the Feuerbacher Heide (Villenviertel)
- end of this round is the tram stop Killesberg

Eastern part
- starting point: Castle Garden (Schlossgarten)
- go up to the "Schönen Galathea" and to the "Kanonenhäusle"
- then go down to the Wilhelmspalais

Southern part
- starting point: Marienplatz (stop of the rack railway)
- up via the old wine crate (Alte Weinsteige), pass the Villa Weißenburg
- down pass the old parliament (Landtag), the Fangelsbach Cemetery (Fangelsbach-Friedhof), the depot of the rack railway
- end point of this portion is again at Marienplatz

Western part
- starting point: Marienplatz (stop of the rack railway)
- pass the Lapidarium and the urban vineyard and you reach the lookout point on the Karlshöhe
- continue along the Hasenbergsteige
- end point: the Lake of Fire (Feuersee)

Une visite à pied d'un genre particulier à Stuttgart, 70173 Stuttgart, Allemagne